About Me

Hello world! My name is Becky.

I grew up here...

Madison, WI

...but I go to college here:
Chicago, IL

I'm majoring in this...

...and also this:

I want to be like them...

A doctor (I know, I know, being a doctor is not like it is on Grey's Anatomy, don't worry!)

...and yet a part of me still dreams of being like her:
A writer

I'm only twenty, so my life still seems a bit up in the air. I don't know which path I'll end up taking, and sometimes I feel like I don't even know myself. I do know one thing: I love all things preppy.

(Image credits: Longchamp, Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers, J. Crew sign, pearl earrings, preppy items)

A few more things...

Reading, writing, entertainment, shopping, studying, traveling

Favorite Brands:

  • H&M
  • Lilly Pulitzer
  • Apple
  • Essie
  • Barnes and Noble
  • J. Crew
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Kate Spade


  1. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving that sweet comment. Now your newest follower via GFC.

    That Chief's First Lady

  2. Found you at random and so glad I did. I look forward to reading more! ;)

  3. So glad you stopped by my blog to say hi Becky! What a cute blog you have. I am excited to have a new read :) You already seem very well-versed in the Dr. world judging by the blogs you follow so if you are still pursuing that - Best of luck! Can't wait to follow your adventures.


  4. What a fun blog! We have a lot of similar interests. Love the fashion posts :)


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