Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Artist

So this is gonna be a long post. Just warning you. Skip to the part with my grandma, that's where it gets interesting.

I'm a bit of a movie buff and I've been rooting for The Artist to sweep the Awards season ever since I saw it. I don't think a lot of people have heard about it, or if they have, they were turned off by the description right away (like I was). Say that it's a black and white film, and instantly 75% of the population turns away. Say that it's a silent film? Basically, you lose...everyone.

I never intended on seeing the film. My sister begged and begged me to go see it with her, and I told her simply there was no way in hell I would see a silent movie. I need sound, people! It's the 21st century! Hell, we can do movies in 3D, for gods sake! Why make a movie without sound?

One morning during Christmas break, my family and I received a phone call that my grandpa had passed away. We spent hours at home being miserable and in a state of shock, when my dad rallied us up and said we were going to see a movie to cheer up. We all just kind of went along with it and numbly went into the car. He refused to tell us what movie we were seeing until we got there. And guess what? We were seeing the freakin' Artist.

I honestly wanted to stay in the car. I was not in the mood to see a movie, especially this one. But this wasn't the day for me to act like a two-year-old. 

And I'm glad I watched it, because I loved it. Absolutely loved it. I don't want to give the plot away, but the movie is about a silent film star in the 20s and what happens to him when the "talkie" films come around. Your eyes will be on the main character, Jean du Jardin, the entire time. With one smile he'll pull you in. There is something so intriguing about him that makes the movie enjoyable to watch. His costar and love interest, Berenice Bejo, is equally impressive, maybe because she just seems so real. The talent of the actors, along with the exclusion of sound and color, transports you to the 20s and you'll feel like you're actually there.

Ok, enough with my love affair for this movie. There's also a DOG in the film! Uggie! See? He's right below, right down there! He went to all the Award shows with the rest of the cast this season. Dude, a dog gets to go to the Academy Awards. What's up with that?
During my spring break, my dad and I took my grandma (the other grandma...not the one who just lost her husband) to see The Artist. We took our seats, waited for the previews to end, and suddenly the picture went out. Now, this isn't a good thing when you're watching a silent film. All we could hear was music, and my Grandma kept asking me "Is this part of the movie?" Eventually they got the picture up and running again after about fifteen minutes, but the whole situation was just very ironic.

Now, my Grandma is notorious for...everything. I love her, but I need to devote a whole blog post to her one of these days. Due to her personality, I did not expect her to enjoy this movie. But she couldn't stop talking about it! Halfway through the movie, she was so engaged that she asked us out loud, so everyone could hear her, "This is going to have a happy ending, right?" After it ended, she made me assure to her that she wasn't imaging things that Jean du Jardin really was attractive and handsome as she thought he was.

When was the last time you, your artsy 18-year-old sister, apathetic parents and quirky grandmother all enjoyed the same movie? Seriously, go out, see "The Artist" NOW with everyone you know, glue back together those severed family ties. "The Artist" is a true heartfelt movie, and we don't see many of those anymore.


  1. I was going to see it, so now I know that I should ;)


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