Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Harry Potter Ebooks

I just heard the announcement that the Harry Potter series is finally available as ebooks!

It's only around $50 for the whole series, which isn't bad at all in my opinion. All the hardcover books I have probably cost four times that.

Guys, this summer is no longer going to be productive in any shape or form. The last time I read the whole series must've been when the 7th book came out. So this summer I have a date with my Nook and 4,182 pages of Harry Potter.

Still, the announcement is bittersweet. When I first started reading HP way back in the 2nd grade, I never imagined that by the time I was in college I'd be reading the series on a screen. It's strange, because I have such fond memories of reading the big ol' hardcover things. It was so special to hold the physical books at midnight the day they were released, smell the pages, and read the synopsis on the inside cover.
Embarrassing throwback time: my sister and I for one of the midnight book releases EONS ago. 

However, the Nook versions are going to be so much more convenient for me. Let's face it: at 20, you don't want to be seen reading a Harry Potter book, so I can read the things unbeknown to others on my ereader. Plus, the books are freakin' tomes. My backpack is heavy enough, thank you very much. There is no room for Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in it.

If I have kids, I'm definitely going to introduce them to Harry Potter the old fashioned way with the hardbacks. However, the ebooks are a perfect solution for where I am right now in my life.What's everybody's opinions on the ebook versions?


  1. You are both so adorable. I am a Potterhead, so this is awesome. And Harry Potter is a book you can read at any age, so nothing to be ashamed of. Personally, I find e-books terrible. Reading a book is an experience, and technology ruins it. And e-books are not that good for the environment as some say. And I feel that they can be harmful. The only benefit I see is that they are light.

    1. Yeah, that's the only reason I use e-books. I always have too much in my backpack (my organic chemistry book is over 1000 pages!) that I don't have room to fit my english books. Also, my dorm is like a shoebox. I barely have any space for books, so the ebooks work in that sense.

      I'm sick of technology taking over everything. People like Emily Bronte never imagined their books would be read on screens. But I feel like I'm forced to use technology, just for the convenience purposes.


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