Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

I got tagged for the Versatile Blogger Award by Kasia at Koju Bofu! Woot! This blog hasn't been tagged in anything yet, so this is kind of exciting. Thanks so much, Kasia, I really appreciate it.

  • Thank the blogger who awarded you and add a link to their blog in your post: Kasia at Check out her blog! She showcases her collection of postcards and stamps from other countries. They're really neat to look at.

  • Share the award with 15 other recently discovered blogs that you love and inform them! Ok, I don't know if I can come up with fifteen bloggers (I haven't been blogging that long!) but I'll try. This is in no specific order:
12. Capernaum Home
13. Walking on Bookshelves
14. Jane Austen Prepster
15. Stylish Obsessions

Congrats everybody! I really love all your blogs. I read every post! If you've been nominated, please pass the award on...I'd love to see how you all answer the questions!
  • 7 random things about myself. Now this is going to be a little tricky. Please don't laugh at me after reading these, I'm really not that crazy.
1. I have an Elmo collection. It started out as a joke. You know how they come out every year with new Elmo dolls? Every Christmas my dad has bought me and my sister the latest Elmo doll. These things are like little robots. The one from this year could sing, play the drums, the tambourine and the guitar. This is Elmo we're talking about! I think we have six or seven dolls now. My sister hides them in her closet so none of her friends see them, but me? I'm not ashamed! (Should I be?)

2. I love the countryside. I've wanted to live in a huge city since I visited New York as a ten-year-old. However, now that I live here? I'm not a huge fan. It's loud, it's dirty. Sure, there's something always going on, but I'm more of homebody anyway. When I get older I would love to live in the country somewhere, have a huge backyard, maybe own some horses. I know, it sounds crazy, but it just sounds like such a peaceful life to me right now.

3. I've changed a lot in past few years. Ever since graduating from high school and having to live on my own, I've matured so much. In middle school and high school, I never used to be a girly-girl. I was quiet, I relied on my parents for everything. Basically, I willed myself to change upon entering college. I really put myself out there. Inside I'm definitely still an introvert, but I now do something I never used to do: talk to other people! Sometimes I wonder if I've changed too much, but I try to stick by a rule that change is always a good thing.

4. I've named my electronic devices. My Macbook is my "baby", my Nook Color is my "precious", and my cell phone? Well, it kind of hates me and always stops working at the worse times, so I have rotating swear words for it.

5. I've seen both President Bush and President Obama in person. A few weeks after September 11th, President Bush gave a speech in Chicago to all pilots and their family members, assuring us the safety measures that were being taken to prevent more terrorism. My parents took my sister and I out of school just so we could attend. I remember being lifted on my dad's shoulders in order to see the President. No one believed me in school, but trust me, I really did see him!

I saw President Obama at a campaign fundraiser taking place at Navy Pier last April. Since my friends and I were students, we were lucky enough to get tickets for free, whereas everyone else paid hundreds of dollars for them. It took about two hours to get through security, but it was worth it: we were so close to President Obama that, after his speech was done, he came down to the crowd and shook one of my friend's hands.

6. I'm ambidextrous. I learned to write with my left hand, but I can write pretty well with my right (as in, you can make out my letters). When I'm eating, I always switch the hand my fork is in without even thinking about it. Other people have tom mention it to me, because I don't even realize I! It's not just eating, either--I switch hands doing everything, from throwing a baseball to writing on a chalk board (yeah, I've accidentally written on the chalkboard with my right hand. It took me a while to figure out why I was writing so slow).

7. I had braces twice. I've never heard of anybody having braces twice, so if you're out there, please say something. I first had braces in the 3rd grade because the dentist thought it would be better to put them on before my wisdom teeth grew in. Needless to say, something went astray, because I got the braces put back on and had to wear them all through middle school. You don't know how much I dreaded them going on again. It hurt enough the first time that I knew I didn't want to go through it again.

Thanks again for reading everyone, and please post the Versatile Blogger Award on your blogs as well! Here are the official rules from the Versatile Blogger Award blog:

"If you are nominated, you’ve been awarded the Versatile Blogger award.
  •  Thank the person who gave you this award. That’s common courtesy.
  •  Include a link to their blog. That’s also common courtesy — if you can figure out how to do it.
  •  Next, select 15 blogs/bloggers that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly. ( I would add, pick blogs or bloggers that are excellent!)
  •  Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award — you might include a link to this site.
  •  Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself."



  1. Thank you so much for tagging me :)I also name my electricals haha :)

    1. No problem! Haha glad i'm not the only one who does that

  2. Thanks for mentioning me in such a nice way :) I've had braces once, but I'm still wearing a retainer (it's been 3 years) and it doesn't allow me to pronounce English words the way I used to.
    Great choice of random things :)

    1. Yeah I have to still wear a retainer too, but only at night. I can barely talk in it, so I know how you feel!

  3. Stopping in from Blogaholic :) you can visit me here:

  4. Thanks so much! I can't wait to post about it!


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