Friday, April 27, 2012

H&M Pastel Shorts

H&M is jumping on the colored shorts trend for summer. I don't know about the quality of their shorts, but they're a lot cheaper than other colored shorts I've seen this season ($13 versus $40!) It also seems like H&M went the pastel route, whereas places like J.Crew went for neon and bright colors.

Here's two quick sets featuring some newly arrived items at H&M: one set focusing on the mint shorts, the other focusing on the peach ones.H&M: Mint Shorts
H&M Apricot
One thing I love about the colored short trend is that they're surprisingly versatile. I believe that any of the three tops below look good with the apricot shorts: just change your hair, accessories and shoes a bit to fit the outfit and you're good to go. I think some people are afraid to try this trend because they don't think they'll get much wear out of the shorts, but if you mix-and-match like this, you'll probably end up wearing them a lot.
H&M Mix and Match
What do you think? Are you loving the colored shorts trend like me? I'll probably be doing a post on the brighter versions of colored shorts soon, so stay tuned!


  1. I love mint shorts and the skirt featured with them. Colored shorts are definitely a summer staple.

    1. I love how they're taking off. They've been a huge trend this year, so hopefully they will be for awhile.

  2. I love H&M, but for some reason I never shop there.
    Who knows.
    I do love the colored shorts, though! So cute!

    1. Thanks! I didn't shop there at all until an H&M moved in about five minutes away from my house. Now it's a staple for me to go there whenever I go shopping!

  3. Really adorable. I'll get a pair once I get back in shape!

  4. I almost bought the mint ones, but they were really see through when I tried them on. :(


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