Friday, April 20, 2012

iPod Nano 1st Gen Replacement Program

Did anybody ever buy the original iPod Nano? The one from around 2005?

Via (with article about the recall)

I did. And apparently the things are now fire hazards. All these years, I've been keeping in my pocket something that could spontaneously combust. I could've died. 

A couple sued Apple after their iPod Nano exploded. I always say that Apple has the best customer service, and this is more proof of it: they are recalling all first generation Nanos and will replace them, free of charge, with new generation ones. So of course I'm taking advantage of the offer.

My Nano was my present for my 14th birthday. I vaguely remember making a Powerpoint for my parents telling them why I needed a Nano so very badly. I just thought their sheer size was amazing--I could literally fit a thousand songs in my pocket! Needless to say, I thought I was "so cool" bringing my Nano to middle school and listening to it during our lunch break.

See? My parents even personalized it for me with my name. Part of the replacement deal is that I have to send Apple the Nano so they can make sure I'm not using it anymore and risking my life just to listen to Nicki Minaj. It's kind of special to me, and I'm sad to see it go...

...ok, not that sad. Because look at how cool the new Nanos are!

Some interesting features about them:

*Half the size of my 1st generation Nano, which I already thought was small!

*Come in a rainbow of colors, and they seem to be more scratch resistant than my old Nano

*24 hour battery life! My old Nano had, what, a 6 hour one?

* Built in clip: I can attach my new Nano to my pocket and listen to it when I'm walking to class

*Twice the amount of GB

*Built in pedometer/work out system! I'm so excited about this. If you wear the Nano while working out, it'll upload your stats to Nike+'s website and tell you how many calories you burned. It'll be a great incentive to get me working out

*CLOCK FACES! I don't know if I'll ever do this, but you can attach the Nano to a special watchband and wear it as a watch. SO AWESOME! Remember how I was just saying that the watch was dying out?

*Radio capabilities: there are a ton of radio stations and Chicago that I want to discover

I'll keep you all updated when I get my new Nano. For all of you who still have a first generation Nano, send it in!
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  1. Careful with the new nano! They are super fragile, and the power button wears out so you can't press it. Definitely get a case and a screen protector. I shattered my screen, but it still worked. I fixed it, but i couldn't fix the button issue. Good luck!

    1. Wow, thanks for letting me know. Apple's website makes it sound like they are bullet proof and they never show them with cases or anything. I'll definitely be taking your advice though, and I hope my power button doesn't wear out too quickly :(

  2. Oh wow. I have a first generation nano, but it died out at the end of my freshman year, almost two years ago. And whenever I plugged it in to see if it worked, it would always overheat. Do you think that they would send me a new nano even though mine is dead? I don't know if they would :/

    1. I say it's worth a shot! I probably haven't used my Nano in three or four years. Sometimes when I plugged it into the computer, the computer recognized it, but sometimes it didn't. It also overheated, like yours, when I charged it. So we'll see if Apple will send me a new one or not--I'll let you know!

  3. mine still going, well sort of, it doesn't hold its charge so has been living on a docking station for the last 4 years. even if they replace the battery I'll still be happy - returns envelope came today...fingers crossed


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