Monday, May 14, 2012

Anatomy of a Carry-On Bag

I'm trying to pack as light as possible, but I still need some things to entertain me during the 10-hour flight to Rome. Here's what I'm planning to take in my carry-on as my "in-flight" entertainment:

For fun:

  • Rome travel guide: my parents gave me an Eyewitness Travel guide for Christmas
  • My journal
  • Embroidery floss to whip up a few friendship bracelets
For survival:
  • One water bottle: they only allow you to bring one on the flight, I'm told
  • Pens
  • Gum: My ears always get plugged during flights, so I've learned that chewing gum does the trick to "unpop" them
  • Ear plugs: Pretty self-explanatory. I'm hoping I don't get stuck to a crying baby for the whole flight.
  • Inflatable neck pillow: so I can perhaps catch some shut-eye during the flight
  • Nook Color: loaded with my reading assignments for class as well as a movie or two (any suggestions on anything new that's come out?)
  • Cell phone
  • iPod: loaded with all of my playlists and some Rome podcasts.
Well? Do you guys have any suggestions on what to bring for the long plane trip? Specifically books, movies, etc.?


  1. Have you considered packing a change of clothing in your carry-on (ex: simple t-shirt and bottoms)? I only ask because I've had my luggage lost which made me end up with no change of clothing/undergarments for a day so now I always pack them into my carry on just in case.

    1. Yeah, I decided to bring a duffel bag with a few day's worth of clothes because I'm paranoid that, with my connection, my luggage is going to get lost. That would be so annoying :/

  2. You should get some more info on the fluids on board. Everytime I travelled by plane, we were only allowed products which have max. capacity 100 ml in a plastic closed bag... I'd advice to sleep a lot during the flight. It helps prevent the jet lag. Or even better, switch to Italian time before you fly there :))

    1. I checked up on it and every liquid has to be 3.5 ounces and put in a quart-size bag. Even chapstick and makeup counts! Crazy. I'm going to try to sleep as much as possible on the plane, and I've been trying to switch to Italian time. It's not really working though, haha.

  3. Where did you find that bag?! I'm in love!!

    My recommendations are rather lame haha but I'd bring A Walk to Remember, Bridesmaids, She's the Man, and The Grinch (I know it's not the right time of the year but I LOVE it)! And for books, I'd probably start to reread the Harry Potter series so I'd bring book #1!

    1. I got the bag from Gap. It was the last one in the store, but maybe it's still available online? I love all those movie recommendations (especially Bridesmaids...I've seen that movie a million times and I still laugh at it the entire time). I just put the Harry Potter series on my Nook Color, so I think I'm all set for the trip!

  4. For the water bottle, bring a reusable one that you can refill both on the plane and during your holiday. It'll save you money (since Italy is big into pricier sparkling water) plus ensure you're staying hydrated. I always bring a pashmina on the plane too. They're great blankets

    1. Thanks for the tip. I didn't even think about bringing a reusable water bottle until you mentioned it, but now that I think about it it'll really come in handy. I don't want to spend all my money on sparkling water. And I'll look into bringing a pashmina as well.


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