Saturday, October 20, 2012

Housekeeping (enter my giveaway!)

(I never understood this scene--I always thought it seemed out of place. But it always comes to mind when I think of housekeeping!)

Two items of business:

1. Enter The Angelorian Tradition giveaway! I've been extending it because I want to get a ton of entries for it. If you're already a follower of my blog, you don't have to do anything for one entry--just enter via the Rafflecopter app. It ends 10/24 at midnight.

2. I've started to reply to all comments via email. That way you'll get my replies sent straight to your inbox. The only problem is that so many of you are no-reply bloggers, so you can't get my emails. To fix this, I found a tutorial on Sullivan and Murphy's blog right here. It really will make the blogging world a much happier place for you, I promise!

I'll be back soon with posts, but in the meantime enjoy your weekend and this beautiful fall weather!

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