Saturday, January 5, 2013

Prep for Less: J.Crew Style Guide, January 2013

Have you guys seen the new J.Crew catalog for January yet? It's hard for me to think of wearing spring clothes already, but apparently J.Crew thinks spring is right around the corner.

I LOVE some of the looks in this catalog! Usually I'll look at the outfits in the catalog and can't even think about wearing them in real life--the items they pair just don't look good together, at least to me. That wasn't the case for this issue.

(All the scans are from The J.Crew Archives. The blog is great and has scans from many of J.Crew's past catalogs--go check it out! The rest of the January catalog is also located there.)

Like always, the wheels were turning in my head when I saw these pictures. How could I recreate the looks for less? As much as I would love to buy everything from J.Crew, I'm a college student--I need to cut corners where I can! Here's how I recreated the looks above by putting together similar, less expensive items:
Prep for Less: J.Crew Jan. 2013

Green Pants/Polka Dot Shirt Outfit:
Shirt: Forever 21, $14
Pants: Gap, $50 (roll up the pants at the ankles to make them look like in the picture!)

*For the shoes, I looked far and wide for similar flats. Since it's still early in the season, I couldn't find much. I would recommend continuously checking for flats, and watching for J.Crew's ballet flats to go on sale: they always do!* (shoes aren't online yet)

Blazer/Leopard Shoes Outfit:
Blazer: H&M, $50
Pants: Gap, $37
Shoes: DSW, $60

These items are all closet essentials that can be found almost anywhere! Use a blazer hanging up your closet, add a plain white shirt and pants, and you're good to go. The shoes are what make the outfit stand out.

Chambray/Floral Pants Outfit:
Shirt: J.Crew Factory, $60
Pants: Target, $23
Shoes: Target, $15

I'd get the Chambray shirt from J.Crew factory because, although it is a little cheaper, it still is of a high enough quality that you'd be able to wear it from March to October this year without having it get worn. Chambray shirts are a new summer staple. There are many different floral pants out there, but these ones from Target were the closest I could find to the ones in the catalog.

What do you think of the outfits? And J.Crew's January lineup?


  1. Great post: I like these photos so much!!
    What about following each other?

  2. I'm still not brave enough for the floral print jeans.
    But I need to get myself a chambray shirt ASAP!!
    I love the polka dots and green!
    Its still in the 70's here in Florida, so spring clothing doesn't seem like to much of a stretch!


  3. I just bought our eldest that chambray shirt and she is LOVING it!

    Hope to see you on Medical Monday Blog Hop this Monday!!! :)
    Happy New Year!

  4. This was such a wonderful and helpful post!
    Thank you for sharing :)

  5. I NEED to find myself a chambray shirt and polka dot top ASAP! I can't wait to break out my spring and summer clothes again!


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