Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Month in Instagram

Studying for the MCAT and blogging do not mix. However, I owe you all at least an update on my life! February was one of those months that just flew on by. I couldn't even remember what happened until I checked up on my Instagram pics and looked back at my calendar.

So here we go, My February in Instagram Pics:

Apparently, it snowed a lot. These are some views of frozen Lake Michigan outside of my dorm window and from around campus.

My campus is a winter wonderland! And I'm SO sick of's March already. This snow should be out of here!

I've been spending more time downtown. I never realized in the 3 years I've been at Loyola how easy it is to take the shuttle to the downtown campus. My friends and I spent a Friday night studying at the downtown library...hey, there's no shame in that, is there?

An afternoon view from the downtown LUC library

Downtown study sesh! Maybe it'll become a tradition during this MCAT season.

I also apparently ate a lot of food in February. This is my favorite burger in Chicago. I've raved about it before on this blog. It's the Kimchi burger from Bop N' Grill. Fried egg, kimchi, caramelized onions...put simply, it's amazing in all its gooey glory.

This is a chicken sharma sandwich. It's a middle eastern sandwich on a type of pita bread, and it's DELICIOUS! One of my favorite parts about Loyola is that Devon, a neighborhood featuring all sorts of middle eastern and Indian restaurants, is right down the street, so I get to try all different kinds of food I wouldn't normally this!

Basically the only thing I'm living on using my meal plan. I was so happy to find our dining services offering something that is 1) actually healthy and 2) doesn't make my stomach upset. 

I volunteered through my sorority at a benefit event downtown. I know it's dark, but yes, that is a MONKEY on my shoulder. A real live monkey. In a costume. Without going into details, the event was absolutely AMAZING and was for a good cause. (Oh, and by the way? There were real camels too. Be jealous!)

Other news:
  • I'm getting an apartment for next year! Finally, my very own apartment! I'm so excited to decorate it and make my own meals for a change. The kitchen in my new apartment is the same size as the one I have now, but for two people rather than four. That's a big change for me!
  • I'm trying to figure out my summer plans. Right now it's just a waiting game to see what opportunities come through.
  • These next few weeks are going to be NUTS. A mixer, formal, St. Patty's Day (this year I'm seeing the green Chicago river! It's happening!), Aziz Ansari, spring retreat, and then Easter. And studying somewhere in between.
But...I think this Dove chocolate wrapper sums it all up:

Get out there and make your dreams happen.

And that's exactly what I'm doing.


  1. sounds like your having an awesome time! That burger looks amazing

  2. Hi Becky! Beautiful posts, I'm glad to see that you are doing well! I especially love the salad, yum!


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