Monday, March 5, 2012

A Coach-filled Birthday

Yesterday was my sister's 18th birthday, and I was lucky enough to be home in Madison for it. My parents have always tried to make our birthdays special, and this year they filled the kitchen with multi-colored, helium balloons. After all, you turn 18 only once.

My parents also want to keep things even-steven between my sister and I. Whatever I got on my birthday at a certain age, my sister will get it as well. When I was thirteen, I got a watch...Katie got one when she turned thirteen too. When I was sixteen, it was a beautiful opal ring, according to my birthstone...Katie got an aquamarine one. So of course she had to get the same present I got when I was eighteen: a Coach purse.

I love the purse I got for my birthday. It looks somewhat like this, but a little's at college right now or I would take a picture of it. It's a perfect winter purse that adds a bright pop to the black coat I usually wear going out. I've used it to death these past few years.

But here is Katie's purse...and I'm in love with it.
The color, the size of it, the just screams "summer" all over it. I especially love the multi-colored scarf...its so cute and it goes with it really well.

I might just have to steal this purse when I go study in Rome five weeks this I just have to convince her to let me borrow it...



  1. Hey!! We have very similar blogs. We should keep up with eachother. :)

    I love those handbags by the way!

    <3, T

    1. Thanks so much Taylor! I've been looking for premed blogs actually and couldn't find any, so I'm glad you found me! I followed you :)



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