Friday, March 9, 2012

Favorite Blogs

One of the reasons I wanted to get into blogging was because I've been having so much fun reading everyone else's blogs. I used Mixtab on my Mac to read RSS feeds, but I just discovered Google Reader...that would've made everything so much easier. Anyway, too late now!

There are soooo many blogs that I follow and love, it's too hard to list them all! I'm going to just list the blogs I've been following for a long time.

 Here are some of the blogs that inspired me to start blogging:

 Just Peachy

 Monograms and Manicures

College Prepster


 Life is short. Read Fast.

Bonus: Popwatch by EW

What are some of your favorite blogs? Do any you guys have blogs? I'm always looking for more!



  1. I'll take the time and check these blogs out. Thank you for stopping by mines and following :) following you back.


  2. Hey Becky!
    Thanks for the add! I absolutely love Dachshunds too :)

    I'm excited to start reading your blog!


  3. Thanks for following my blog, and once again, welcome to Pretty.Random.Things!

    I also love reading other blogs and making new friends with some awesome people.

    I would really recommend reading "Recently Roached" by newlywed Jena. She is hilarious!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    Liesl xxx

  4. I got into blogging randomly. I read blogs for a long time before I started my own - I worried that I wouldn't meet their standard.

    Now I don't worry about it as I love blogging so much and would keep doing it even with no readers!

    1. This is actually really good advice. Starting up my blog, I was really intimated seeing all the other blogs I love having hundreds of followers. But it doesn't really matter--I started up this blog because I love to write, and I don't get enough time to do that anymore. So far, it's just been so much fun getting to write something everyday again :)


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