Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Invasion of Bath and Body Works

Sometimes I think my parent's house can be a Bath and Body Works store. Seriously. My mom, sister and I get the stuff every Christmas and every birthday from our relatives, as well as from my dad for holidays such as Valentine's Day. So let's say that's seven products a year. Multiply that by three girls...we get 21 new BBW products each year. Oh. My. God. Don't get me wrong, I love their lotion and all their scents, and I appreciate it so much that my family buys me gifts. I keep telling them they don't have to give me anything.


The stuff has started to add up. It's getting to the point where when I get a new bottle of lotion from Uncle Tom, I literally start freaking out and squeeze out palms full of lotion out of the bottle I've been using sporadically for three years, just so I can open the new one. Seriously, it's getting bad.

I didn't know where it goes because I'm in college all the time, but I knew it had to be stashed away mom and sister really couldn't have used it all up.

So here is my adventure of going through my parents house when everyone is at work and really finding out how much smelly bath stuff we really have.

My sister's room is first. It's kind of a scary place, as you can see. For an 18-year-old, she sure can't pick up her shit. She has this box of dried rose petals, and I found a family of little worms in it once. Serious. Anyway, after savaging around this is what I found:

The licorice stuff is from middle school, I'm pretty sure. The rest of the stuff is barely used. Trust me guys, it gets worse.
Product count: 6
This is what I found in my sister's bathroom (because apparently, that's what happens when your older sister moves off to suddenly get to take over the biggest bathroom in the house). There are six, count them, SIX Japanese Flower Blossom lotions. What. The. Heck. There's a spray that has Bath & Body Works old label on it, which scares me...we're talking elementary school here.
Product count: 18
My mom keeps this on her sink to give the illusion like she's used all her fifty-million bottles of lotion up. LIES. I found a billion more under the sink, along with a wine bottle she didn't hide very well.
Product count: 23

Here we go. More of that licorice stuff from who knows how many years ago, more old Bath and Body Works labels. This brings our grand total to: 35.

35. We have 35 bottles of Bath and Body Works stuff in our house. This is insane. Please, stop the madness Bath and Body Works. Stop coming to my house.

And now, I challenge you: if anybody can beat this number, if anybody has more B&BW stuff than this...well, I can't really give you anything. I'll bow down to you...virtually, of course. I'll come up with something. Seriously, let me know! Try to beat me!



  1. LOL becky! That's just crazy.

    This was a really funny post though

    1. Thanks Mik! I wanted to do something funnier for a change, haha. I'm glad you liked it :)

  2. hahaa I love Bath and Body Works... and I am TOTALLY the guilty one who buys that for any girl who I can't think of a present for for birthdays/Christmas! Problem is, I usually end up loving the scents and buy them for myself too! My faves lately are Country Chic and Dark Kiss I think.

    Love this!

    Meg @

    1. I know, I love the scents too! (and I buy them for all my friends birthday's too...shhhhhh). I haven't trying Country Chic yet, sounds like a good one for summer though.

  3. Aw, if I had known there was a challenge, I would have counted and documented all of my B&BW bottles before my last move (I dumped most in the trash, as they were expired/old-as-shit/I didn't love them enough to haul to a new residence).

    1. I really want to dump them all out, since I feel like half of them are expired, but my mom and sister are too attached to part with them. Oh well, I'm sure they won't survive the next time we move.

  4. I absolutely LOVE Bath & Body Works lotions! You know what I do? I sometimes mix the lotions with baby oil since I have dry skin and the bottles at Bath & Body Works aren't that big. The combination works like a charm!

    Anyway, I am your newest follower. I found your blog on the "Follow Me, Follow You" network!

    Feel free to stop by my blog and follow me! I am currently having a book Giveaway called Rook: Ally's War #1 by JC Andrijeski. (

    Thanks and Hope to see you over at my blog sometime!

    Mia at The Muses Circle

    1. Putting baby oil in Bath and Body Works lotions sounds like a great idea! I can't believe I've never heard of that before. My skin has been SO dry lately, so I'm definitely going to try that tip!

      I'm going over to your blog right now to check it out :)


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