Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rome Outfits #2: Colorblocking Orange w/ Neutrals

Orange is the color this spring/summer season. I went to the mall last weekend and saw the color everywhere. I love the look of color blocking orange with a neutral, so that's the look I went for when I went shopping for summer clothes. Because I don't know how much clothes I'll be able to bring abroad, I bought a nice orange skirt that I can pair with several beige and white blouses that I already own, just for fancier occasions like going out for dinner. Yes, I know...it's really orange.

For more casual occurrences like walking around the city, I bought colored orange pants that I can pair with the shirts mentioned above as well as a striped black and white shirt.

I found a similar pair of shoes (yet a little lighter) at Payless for about $10, so it was my lucky day! They'll be easy to pack and I think comfortable enough for walking--they have elastic on the back, so they'll stretch. They also go with the neutral color blocking trend.

It was a challenge to find a good bag that I can use abroad. I don't want to bring my backpack because it'll be easy for people to unzip it from the back and mug me (my dad travels for a living, and he's only been mugged twice in his life...both in Rome, so I'm a bit paranoid). I wanted it to be large enough to carry my textbooks, not only in the summer but in the early part of the fall semester as well. It also had to go over my shoulder.

So I decided to invest in this Gap tote bag that I first saw on The College Prepster's blog. It's trendy, it's a good quality and it fits all my criteria from above. I got the last one left in the store, and it was 30% off. I hate to sound like Charlie Sheen, but duh, winning. 

Picture Via "The College Prepster": no longer available for purchase online

There ends my lovely spring break shopping adventure. After what I spent this week, I think I'm done shopping until around November. Anybody else buying summer clothes already, or am I the only one?



  1. This is my favorite look of the season. Orange is so bright and cheerful. Love the last 2 outfits.

    1. Thanks Asilia! You're right, it's a really cheerful, happy color.


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