Monday, March 12, 2012

This is the end of spring break?

So this is the end of my spring break. I have to say, I feel like this is almost unfair. The Weather Channel says it's gong to be 78 degrees in Chicago on Wednesday. I went home to Wisconsin for winter break in the middle of a snow storm. What. Is. This?

If the warm weather signals the start of spring, I'm happy with it. But if it's just a little tease and we'll still get snow all the way into April...I don't know how I'll handle it.

To me, there are several annoying things about spring break ending:

1. Homesickness: I may be a sophomore in college but, believe or not, I get so used to being home that it's hard for me to leave and go back to "the jungle", as my dad calls Chicago. It's definitely gotten better since I was a freshman, but there's still the pang of missing my parents, my sister and my puppy after the first few days of returning to college from a long break.

2. Homework/tests: Self-explanatory. I'm so sick of studying and really burnt out. However, I know I just have to push through and do the best I can.

3. 8 more weeks: We have seven weeks left of the semester, plus a week of finals. I think we have a day off for the Easter weekend, but that's the only break until May.

4. No more freetime: I relaxed so much over the break! Maybe too much. I read The Hunger Games series (my reactions will be in a different post) as well as Great Expectations for school. I caught up on all my TV shows. I browsed the Internet. Basically, I didn't do anything productive. And it was so much fun.

At least this year I DO have something to look forward to after spring break. Now that the break has ended, I'm just that much closer to Rome. I just have to keep going and make it through. I can do this! It's pretty fitting that I have this tapped onto my desk:

Have a good week everyone!

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