Saturday, March 3, 2012

This is a story of a girl...

I'm bad with introductions. Really, when I first moved to college and had to meet about a hundred new people each day, I had my story down pat: "Hi, I'm Becky. I'm from Wisconsin *insert joke about cows/beer/the Packers here*. I'm a pre-med student." Really, it was pretty awkward.

So this is what you have to know about me from the start: I look like this girl almost every night.

See? Even my coffee is there in the picture (I kinda have an addiction...) The bottom line is, I'm an undergraduate sophomore absolutely obsessed with getting good grades in organic chemistry and cell bio. I'm dedicated to my premed association, to the writing center where I tutor, to the hospitals I volunteer at. I thought, why not chronicle all this pain I'm going through for the whole world to see?

However, when I'm not studying, I try to make the best of my new home: Chicago! I love anything preppy and want to share my findings with the rest of the Blogosphere. Besides being addicted to coffee, I also loving reading, watching movies and TV shows, and writing. 

Sure, being premed is challenging, and being preppy is fun. But somewhere in my life, the two meet in the middle. And somehow I know I'll get through it all in the end.



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