Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday Tip: MCAT Question of the Day

Every Thursday I'm going to write about something premed related, just for all my premed readers out there. I've still got a long way to go till med school, as I don't even take my MCAT until next spring. Still, hopefully these tips will help people early in the process!

Today's tip is about the online MCAT Question of the Day. Basically, every day someone will post a question from the MCAT in order to get your brain rolling before  The thing is, there is not just one website out there that posts a science question from the MCAT every day...there are at least three that I know of:

1. This works in a poll-like format. You are given a question and have four choices to answer it. After you answer, they'll tally up the percentage of students who answered right or wrong. You can get a question sent to your email everyday.

2. The creators call this the "original" MCAT question of the day website. It operates basically the same as the website above, only after you get a question wrong you can go back and choose a different answer. It tells you the percentage of students getting the question right on the first try, and you can also get it emailed to you everyday. The nice thing about this website is that there is a little stopwatch you can use to time yourself and see how quick it takes you to answer the question. There's also an explanation about the correct answer.

3. Free Question a Day, Kaplan Test Prep: Kaplan is a test-prep agency that provides classes for preparing for the MCAT. For the Free Question a Day, you register an account on the site so they can tell you how many questions in a row you get right and compare you to other students. It works like the other websites, and you can also get the question emailed to you everyday.

You'll have to take a look at all the different websites and see which one you like best (or use all three!) I know I'm still far away from the MCAT, but it is nice to know ahead of time what the organic chemistry questions will be like, just so I stop freaking out ("How the hell am I going to remember all of these reactions for the MCAT?" is usually what I'm thinking right before an orgo test). They say you can start too early to prep for the MCAT, but I think a question a day won't hurt.


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