Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I feel like watches are slowly dying out. At my university, if you ask someone the time they'll just pull out their cell phone and check (yes, I'm guilty of doing this as well). It's a little sad because I think that watches are such cool accessories--both stylish and functional.

My parents bought me this watch for my 13th birthday, and I was estatic. It had cool exchangeable leather straps and it told me the date. This was long before I was allowed to have a cell phone, so I wore this every day. Once I fell down on the pavement during recess and cracked the dial. I felt so bad that my parents went out and bought me a replacement watch for it. Needless to say, this watch has seen better days.

My grandma bought me this watch when I was confirmed. It's (apparently) really expensive, so I don't want to take it to college with me. Too many girls have reported their jewelry missing from living in the dorms. Whenever I come home for the holidays, though, I try to wear it as much as possible. I love the mix of silver and gold, as well as the simple watch dial.

Here are some cute watches I fell in love with!

I gotta say, I love this Kate Spade watch the best. It works as both a bracelet and a watch. The color is magnificent, and the inscription on the inside is cute.

Seiko is apparently really popular on college campuses. I kind of like the above watch, but it's a bit too big and blingy for me.

I like the idea of having a watch hidden within a charm bracelet (and I laughed when I saw that thought I was on the Plus Size Jeans page)


Exchangeable straps! Just like my old watch.

Annndddd here's an outfit I created on Polyvore using the Kate Spade watch (it's just too cute not to use in something).
Kate Spade Carousel Bangle


  1. I love your old watch! I'm crazy about watches too. They are better than a fancy bracelet - so functional. :)

  2. Love the outfits you picked! :)

  3. Love the outfits and that kate spade watch. but frankly, I am more of a check-cell-phone-for-time kind of person. But that charm watch is pretty awesome as well.

  4. Love this post, it's completely up my street! I am that girl who has a watch on her all the time. My friends in high school always used to joke that I had a watch for every day of the month - a fact that is sadly true :S I love that Kate Spade watch - suh an awesome colour :)


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