Friday, April 13, 2012


Ever since I heard of Instagram, I've been waiting for the app to come out on Android phones. Instagram is a cute little app that makes your cell phone pictures look photoshopped via the use of fun filters and borders. It's also a social network--you can follow people and keep up with the pictures that they post. The app also lets you send these pictures to Facebook and Twitter.

I stayed up and played with the app until two in the morning, which is a little sad. Here are some of my favorite pics that I've tweaked. 

The first two pics are views of Chicago from outside of my dorm room, while the rest are just random Chicago shots I took over the summer. Enjoy!

(Ok, the last picture isn't that artistic, but it was a post-it note that someone put on the women's bathroom mirror on Valentine's Day. It made me smile.)

One criticism I have with the app is that I feel really lazy using it. People take hours to edit their photos on Photoshop. Now all we have to do is just tap a button and our cell phone pictures are instantly edited. It kind of harps back to my previous post about Polaroid cameras. I feel like the art of photography is slowly disappearing through the use of technology.

Either way you look at it, Instagram is still fun to use. Are any of you on Instagram? My username is preppypremed. Come find me!

P.S. Make sure you back up your cell phone pictures. My phone died over the summer and I lost about a year's worth of photos. So depressing. Don't be like me, back up your pictures!!


  1. Those are some really nice pictures! I'm all for traditional photography though so I'm not getting it for myself:)) But I enjoy looking at instagram photos!

  2. I recently got an iPhone and have been trying out Instagram! I really like it so far for taking fun snapshots but I use a camera for most of my photos.


  3. I have to win my laziness and join instagram....

  4. ugh... i dont have an iphone! happy weekend!

  5. oh my gosh android just got instagram and i'm trying to figure it all out! i think my username is megatronnn27. i'll try to figure out how to follow you :)

  6. I love instagram & the other camera apps for iphone! they're fabulous for quick editing - especially with pics taken from a cell... plus it's much cheaper than the $900 photoshop ;)
    SaraGrace (your newest follower)

  7. the instagram pics look so legit!! you should post them on deviantart or facebook. oh, and you should do a post on your new...body art lol

    --your sis!

  8. Lovely photos! Insstagram is so fun! Great shots of the city, I definitely want to visit Chicago!

    Suzie Q
    Style Cue by Suzie Q
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  9. I am missing out on my Blackberry!


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