Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend in Review (3)

Sorry I've been a little MIA! With school wrapping up, I've been super busy with tests and papers. Things are going to get even worse as final exams begin. I read all of your comments and I really appreciate them! They make my day :)

It was one of those strange weekends. I was supposed to study for my orgo test this weekend...and somehow I ended up with my cartilage pierced.

My friends wanted to go to Claire's to get their second holes and cartilage pierced, so I decided I'd come along to give some moral support. I know, I know--Claire's is not a good place to get your ears pierced. But it seemed to work out well enough for all of us.

Yes. All of us. Somehow I got sucked into getting my cartilage pierced. I don't know why I did it, honestly. It was such a last minute decision. I think I just wanted that rush of adrenaline that comes from doing something completely unexpected and left field.

Don't listen to people when they say getting your cartilage pierced hurts. It was nothing but a sting! I guess people do have different tolerances for pain, though, and I have heard that some people have thicker cartilage than others. I guess I got lucky.

My college had our Relay for Life on Friday. Has anyone else done this? It's a 12 hour event from 6pm to 6am in which people take turns walking laps around a gym or a track to raise money towards the cure for cancer. I intended to attend, but due to one complication after another I couldn't in the end. t really hope to get more involved next year.

My friends watched Moneyball this weekend. Second time I've seen it, and I still don't get it. I love Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill, but the movie was just too complicated. Maybe it's because I didn't grow up in a sports-y family...all the baseball talk in the movie sounded like Swedish.

I had an orgo test on Monday (didn't I just have one?) that I spent the day studying for. At night my friends and I went to a fashion show that was sponsored by all the Asian Student Organizations on campus.

I was looking forward to something like this:

...but it was more just girls wearing the shortest and tightest outfits possible. They weren't even fashionable, just...ugh.

We got takeout from a thai restaurant nearby called Summer Noodles. It's located right underneath the Granville El stop, so it's in a shady area. But the inside is so modern and chic. Plus, they make a mean pad thai.

Sunday & Monday
I'm combining the two because, due to getting only a few hours of sleep Sunday night, I felt like I was living through one very long day. One very long day of studying orgo, complaining that I didn't want to study anymore, and passing out on my notebook and getting ink stains all over my face.

Source: google.com via Michele on Pinterest

Story of my life. I also took out the piercing I just got...I know, I know. I'm crazy, I waste money, I'm too spontaneous...trust me, I've heard it all these past few days. But the piercing was a revelation of sorts for me. I'll be posting about my "ah-ha" moment shortly!

I hope you all had more interesting weekends than I did. Here's to another week!


  1. I don't miss the days of undergrad and grad school with all the papers and finals :) I agree with you about getting your cartilage pierced not hurting, I got mine done in my early twenties and I didn't think that it hurt at all.

    1. Yeah I can't wait until it's all over! But it won't be for a very long time :(

  2. I was just looking at where to get my ears pierced yesterday! I'm debating if I should go to one of the stores in the malls (ex: Claire's) or going to a professional piercer to get my ears done. I think it ultimately comes down to what kinds of instruments they use (piercing gun vs needle).

    1. Claire's wasn't bad at all, but I was freaking out because I've read so many things about getting infections on your cartilage from a piercing gun. It must depend on how sensitive your ears are.


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