Sunday, April 15, 2012

100th Anniversary of Titanic Sinking

Can you guys believe it? 100 years ago today, the Titanic sank. 100 years ago! By now, everyone who was on that ship and survived is gone. Wow.  Anyway, I have some Titanic-related news for you all.

 Many of you probably saw my previous post know how obsessed I am with the ship. I saw the movie Titanic last week and, yes, it was a completely new experience to finally see it on the big screen. The 3D was absolutely pointless though: ten minutes into the film I forgot I was watching a 3D movie. It was that subtle. If you want to see the movie in theaters again, see it in 2D so you don't have to pay the 3D surcharge.

This new miniseries from Britain aired yesterday on ABC and will be airing the final part tonight. Personally, I don't know why the world needs another Titanic miniseries...I know there's one from 1996 already. And this looks almost too similar to the 1997 movie. But it does have a cool concept: the first three parts each follow a different person and lead right up to a cliffhanger. Then, in the final part we learn who survived and who didn't. Kind of neat.

Finally, I made some outfits inspired by Rose's dresses in the Titanic movie! I tried to make the outfits be somewhat preppy--something I would wear myself--rather than making them too costume-y.
I wasn't a fan of the hat myself, but KT liked it, so I thought, why not?

I love the purse in this outfit. I included the butterfly headband because there's a scene in which Rose is wearing a butterfly clip in her hair (yeah, I've watched the movie way too much) and I thought it went well with the outfit.

For these outfits I combined the yellow color of her dress with lace that is reminiscent of the time period. And of course I had to add the Kate Spade bracelet and anchor earrings.

Tell me what you think! Any of you guys going to watch the Titanic miniseries?


  1. I like this film;))

  2. Lovely Titanic inspired outfits!

  3. the outfits are fantastic. Love the lace peplum top.

  4. I love your outfits! Especially the pink and white. It's making me want to be slim enough to look good in pink jeans :D


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