Wednesday, September 5, 2012


You've probably seen a thousand posts by now about how loafers are THE footwear for fall. Move over, riding boots! I feel like loafers have been a fall staple for a few seasons now. This season, however, they seen to be less traditional and more fun!


Though tons of stores seem to be selling loafers, Gap has some of the most unique and affordable ones I've seen. If you're looking for a pair that will last a few seasons, J.Crew has tons including the heeled loafer pictured here. Finally, stores like J.C. Penny sell your basic penny loafers (shown here in brown) for good prices.

Traditional loafers look great with your old standby of skinny jeans, blazers and Oxford shirts, but I tried to step out of my comfort zone a bit and create outfits a little more fun. Here they are!

Loafers: Movie Night with Friends

The idea with this outfit is that you use your favorite accessories with the pink loafers to make an otherwise boring outfit fun. Choose your big chunky purse, lucky necklace, favorite pair of jeans and parka for a late-night moving outing with friends, then add the pink loafers to spice things up a bit.

Loafers: Fall Day

Gap has all the credit for this outfit--it's featured prominently on its webpage--but I just made a few substitutions, like adding in the brown satchel and J.Crew striped tee for an ultra schoolboy look.

Loafers: Colors and Polka Dots

Probably the most "out-there" outfit, but the most fun! The polka-dot loafers give you an excuse to wear color deep into fall, especially in the form of colored jeans. Even a plain white shirt would look great with the yellow pants and polka-dot loafers.

Are you buying any loafers this season?


  1. I love cute shoes without a heel, as I'm pretty tall already, so I love these loafers! The polka dotted ones are my favorite.

  2. So cute! Love the polka dot ones and the pink ones!

    carelessly graceful

  3. I love loafers, now I just need to buy some. Great suggestions.

  4. Loafers are my absolute favourite flats. I love the polka dot ones!

  5. I love all of my loafers! They're so versatile (even in prints) and honestly seem to go with EVERYTHING! Love you picks and how you styled them! xx, Allie


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