Monday, November 5, 2012

As a college student, the most annoying part of the beginning of the semester is buying books. They're too expensive to buy from our college bookstore, and if you buy them used from Amazon you never know what condition you'll get them in. That's where renting online comes in--specifically, renting from

Campus Book Rentals is an easy-to-use site that I just discovered. It's simple: type in the textbook's title, author, ISBN or a keyword and the textbook you need will pop up, along with the rental information.

For instance, I typed in the organic chemistry textbook I used last year, Organic Chemistry by Wade, Leroy G., Jr. and came to this screen:

After finding the book you need, simply check out and you'll receive your textbook in a matter of days. There's a 30 day guarantee, which is nice--if you drop the class or find out that you don't need the book anymore, you can return it and receive 100% of your money back. Here's a video explaining how the renting process works. I'll explain it more below as well:

Once you receive your textbook, you can use if for your class and even highlight in it! Then, when the due date rolls around, send it back free of charge in the included return envelope. That's it, you're done! So easy, right?

Something that makes Campus Book Rentals different than other rental book companies out there is that every year they choose a different organization and cause to donate some of their proceeds to (you can find more information on their "making a difference" page). This year they're contributing to Operation Smile, which is such a great cause. Last year they were committed to providing the funds for 1,000 cleft lip surgeries for children. This year they want to beat that number, and your purchases through Campus Book Rentals will help them achieve their goal! 

Bookmark Campus Book Rentals for next semester or go check them out now. I know that I'll definitely be renting my textbooks from the site next semester! 

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