Friday, November 9, 2012

Guilty Pleasures, Fall 2012

C'mon, you know we all have them. Guilty pleasures. Those things we know we shouldn't want, but they make us so happy.

Here are a list of my fall guilty pleasures:

Justin Bieber's new song, "As Long As You Love Me"

If I just pretend that someone else is singing this song, everything will be okay. I have an absolute HATRED towards the Biebs, but the song is so dang catchy. Speaking of the Biebs, I'm surprised he hasn't disappeared into obscurity by now. I still don't think his voice has changed yet though.

A blueberry bagel with strawberry cream cheese

Best combination ever. I try not to think about the calories--if it counts for my breakfast and my lunch, then I can justify it. And c'mon, strawberries? Blueberries? Those are all doesn't that mean that this is (sorta) healthy?


It's the only decent, somewhat-affortable restaurant near my dorm, so my roommates and I grab their burrito bowls all the time. It's a good deal if you only eat half of the bowl for supper and save the rest for lunch the next day--two meals for the price of one!

Revenge, the TV series


I think of this show as basically the grown-up version of Pretty Little Liars. The main premise is about a girl who's father was accused of being a terrorist. Now, as an adult, she goes back to the Hamptons to try to wreck havoc on the rich people who ruined her life. Yes, the Hamptons...half of the reason why I watch the show is just to ogle at the amazing dresses and outfits!

Gangnam Style by PSY

The music video is epic, and the song is so much fun to dance to. I have no idea what it's saying, but that makes the song even better.

What were your guilty pleasures this fall?


  1. OOooooh blueberry bagels just make me swoon. I love it! I just HAVE to try it with strawberry cream cheese right now.

    My guilty pleasure right now is spending hours on pathetic, low-budget music videos made by delusional, non-talented singers. I just can't stop... Gnesa Wilder comes to mind.

  2. I watched revenge simply for the Hamptons too :D I'm dying to try chipotle I wish it was over here in the UK! :)

  3. Oh man, those are some good ones... my current guilty pleasure is that new Kesha song "Die Young" I am so embarrassed but I love the beat of that song haha

  4. I love me some chipotle! however, I can't save half of it..I gobble it all down at once!

  5. That has fruit in - definitely doesn't count! I don't know what my guilty pleasures are! New follower

  6. My guilty pleasures are chai lattes from Starbucks and going on Pinterest. I can never get enough! By the way, I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award so check it out on my blog!


  7. Guilty pleasure is reading lotsa blogs everyday lol


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